Bin Rentals

Renting a bin is a simple and an easy way to clean up after big projects. We have several styles & dimensions. Our drop-off service will deliver the appropriately sized dumpster right to your home or site. All you have to do is fill it up and call us back, and we will haul it off for you.

How It Works:

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1 Book your bin rental delivery, or for a no obligation free estimate, call 519-455-1988.
2 Our representative will take all necessary information and schedule the bin drop-off.
3 An Aarts Trucking professional driver will deliver your bin on the scheduled day.
4 Fill your bin with trash, junk and unwanted material.
5 Call us back, and we will pick-up the filled bin ASAP.
7 That´s it .... simple!

We are not responsible for anything past the curb. We recommend ground protection of large pieces of plywood or 2x8´s, where the bin is to be located to avoid possible damages.

Bin Dimensions:

14 cubic yards
(open top)
Perfect for small & medium jobs, home renovations, garage clean outs and hauling concrete or asphalt. These bins have have a door on one end to help ease in loading.
20 cubic yards
(open top)
Ideal for medium to large projects. These bins have have a door on one end to help ease in loading.
40 cubic yards
(open top & enclosed)
These bins & storage containers have two large doors at one end to help ease in loading. The open top bins are perfect for large jobs. The lockable enclosed storage containers are ideal for job sites, temporary residential storage, renovation projects and moving.